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Who Are You?

UK based business owner that works with a small team. Probably your sales are staging after a good initial burst and you are at a point where it is hard for you to find new clients, i.e. to increase your revenue.

Problems You Might Have!

You are looking for ways to find new clients without additional overwhelming, trying to scale your business in a cost-efficient way without having to hire an in-house team of pros OR to spend thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours working with so-called marketing GURUS.

What You Need Right Now?

What you need right now is a team of expert SEOs customized for your needs:

  • That will help you scale your business by increasing your organic online presence and respectively your sales;
  • You need someone focused and disciplined, with a work ethic that will deliver predictable results;
  • You need proven strategies that will deliver traffic and sales to your business;
  • AND lastly … you need someone, you can rely on!

Organic SEO

Improve the performance of your business online for search terms that will deliver traffic and sales.

eCommerce SEO

Includes the majority of SEO concepts with an extension of some online stores specific guidelines.

Local SEO

Makes your business more visible for local searches on Google.

Brand Strategy

A long term plan designed for your needs in order to achieve specific, pre-defined goals

Content and Copy Creation

Written content aiming to increase conversions and/or brand awareness.

Online Reputation Management

Influencing & governing or covering up your online reputation.

Digital Consulting

Digital marketing report that will help you see exactly how well your digital marketing strategy plan is performing.

Website Design & Build

Pin the attention of your audience to your business with a beautifully designed website.

On Focus

We are happy to announce that we are now a VEVS Authorized Partner, offering SEO services to websites built with the VEVS Website Builder.
A website building platform for rental and appointment-based businesses, learn more on the link above!

Case Studies

You don’t have to be alone! Our goal is to help you achieve YOURS!


Business Objective:

The business wanted to increase its onsite traffic and revenue. The goal was to increase their organic by 50%. The business was (and currently is) actively using PPC with very large ad budgets.

SEO Challenge

There are a few large companies offering such products, but in the SERPs are also ranking companies like Amazon. The business already had some regular clients and good credibility but they needed more online visibility.

Read the full Case Study here!

Ducting Industry


The business is a large real estate franchise based in the UK with more than 75 branches in different cities.

Business Objective:

The business wanted to increase its onsite traffic and revenue. The goal was to increase their organic by 50%. The business was (and currently is) actively using PPC with very large ad budgets.

SEO Challenge

The business is already well known in the UK and the website has been optimized by another company before us, however, on a full on-page audit we identified a lot of problems and areas for improvement. Another problem was the full lockdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Read the full Case Study here!

Real Estate


The business is a garage that does repairs, tyre fitting, MOT tests, car service, etc. Located in a small location in the UK (about 66k population). The business specializes in MOT and Car Service.

Business Objective:

We were asked to help them grow their revenue via local SEO (with their Google My Business profile on maps). The goal was to increase the online visibility of the business, ensure they get found easily on Google Search and Google Maps results by people in their city & its surrounding areas, increase the number of clients and establish them as a trusted MOT and Car Service centre.

Read the full Case Study here!

MOT and Car Service Centre

Ready To Make a Real Change? Let’s Grow Your Business Together!

Immersed in day-to-day firefighting tasks, you probably don’t take the time to take a strategic look at your OnLine Presence: define your crystal clear goals, plan the steps you take to accomplish them and be clear about the challenges that are holding you back.

You can achieve this during a brief introductory no-obligation meeting with a member of our team: where we will get acquainted with your situation and talk about possible solutions.