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Want to sell more? No offline shop costs? No staff costs and salaries? No rent costs? 

Optimize your Online store with Llamarketing. Minimize your costs while soaring your sales. One of the most common inquiries we receive is about SEO optimization of eCom stores. It’s no secret to anyone that a well-designed, built and search engine optimized shop is a great way to increase your sales times over.

What do you lose by ignoring the optimization of your eCom?

The question in front of you if you want to keep your online business is not really whether you will use SEO services, but when. Here are some things that you miss while you hesitate, wait and are driven by your insecurities:

  • Higher sales;
  • Misunderstanding of lucrative niches;
  • Growth of your brand awareness;
  • A large volume of targeted organic traffic;
  • Revenue stability;
  • Predictability of profits.

What problems do we face when optimizing e-shops?

The so-called eCommerce websites most often include hundreds and even thousands of different products. That is a really serious challenge when it comes to SEO. Some of the most common problems we have faced are:

  • A lot of internal duplication;
  • Lack of adequate management of filtered content;
  • Duplicate Metadata;
  • Dynamic URLs that are not adequately managed;
  • Most of the content is copied from other sites (Google penalty risk);
  • Lack of proper redirects on removed URLs;
  • and many others.

Note that we started with internal optimization issues first.

It is also mandatory to make continuous monitoring to help you timely respond to problems or changes. And they can often require the competent intervention of search engine optimization experts.

Online shops optimization is not just SEO!

Optimization of an e-shop does not only include SEO techniques, but a wide range of activities that aim to attract, but also convert visitors into clients.

This is the reason why an exceptional role here plays the UX, or as the term is better known – “User Experience”. It makes sure that the user feels comfortable when browsing through the pages of your site and can easily find and buy the product they are looking for.

Even seemingly small things in designing the information architecture of an online shop can be very important to its success or failure.

For example, A/B testing of a colour pattern can give you a clear picture of how a particular colour affects the tendency of customers searching for your products through search engines or social networks to buy. 

When promoting your website, many details that are strictly specific and individual can be the key to success. However, there are roughly established standards that are a good basis for starting and upgrading any online project.

What do you get if you choose LlaMarketing to optimize your eCom?

You get to enjoy working with proven online presence experts who know what they are doing and are able to manage the challenges you are facing on a daily basis. You also get:

  • Easy detection;
  • Targeted traffic;
  • Brand recognition;
  • Efficiency and ROI strategy built;
  • Minimize the time needed to inspect your online shop;
  • Inquiries, Orders, Profits;
  • Success and self-confidence to succeed where others fail.

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