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If you’re looking to elevate your online presence and propel your brand to new heights, teaming up with a specialized eCommerce SEO agency in Leicester, like ours, is the key to success.

Outshine the Competition

In a landscape saturated with online retailers, standing out in the right crowd has become an uphill battle. Our eCommerce SEO services not only enhance your SERP rankings but also ensure visibility among your audience.

Seamless User Experiences, the Leicester Style

Did you know that up to 70% of users abandon their carts (make this link nofollow and open in a new tab) due to poor online experiences? Crafting a smooth, user-friendly journey is vital for maximizing ROI and achieving success, especially in the bustling streets of Leicester.

The Mobile-First Approach

As the number of mobile transactions soars and Google gives priority to mobile-first indexing, the performance of your site on handheld devices can make or break your success story. Businesses, take note!

Why eCommerce SEO Matters

Elevating your products or services in search results is the backbone of eCommerce SEO. It’s not just about driving sales and boosting traffic – it’s about becoming the ‘go-to’ brand for your Leicester audience.

Without a data-driven eCommerce strategy, your business might lag behind the vibrant pulse of the UK’s digital landscape. That’s why aligning with a dedicated eCommerce SEO agency, like ours, is important for your brand’s triumph.

And in the vast eCommerce arena, growth potential is immense, but so is the competition. Every niche is filled with contenders vying for prime spots on Google’s search pages. As a seasoned eCommerce SEO agency in Leicester, we understand the significance of keeping you at the forefront of the local game.

With 21.2% of total retail transactions happening online (make this link nofollow and open in a new tab), ensuring your eCommerce store is Conversion Rate Optimized, customer-focused, and seamlessly efficient. Enter our dedicated Leicester-based eCommerce SEO agency – we’re here to make your brand shine, literally.

Delivering Success as Your eCommerce SEO Partner

At the core of our eCommerce SEO services is meticulous research. As your trusted eCommerce SEO agency, we kick off our collaboration with an in-depth exploration of your site’s performance and conduct thorough keyword research to chart a roadmap for your growth.

Given the multifaceted nature of eCommerce websites – often laden with various pages showcasing different products, categories, and subcategories – we prioritize comprehensive site audits. Our goal is to ensure a solid foundation, free from technical glitches that could impact your platform and user experience, potentially affecting your credibility and results.

Our keyword research zeroes in on transactional, high-value terms, strategically aligning them with your pages to create an optimized structure and content that resonates with your audience’s core desires. Whether it’s mapping category content or fine-tuning individual product pages, our approach is tailored to your specific needs.

Executing a holistic strategy, we enhance key areas of your site, improving conversion rates, enhancing overall user experience, and keeping your customers engaged and making purchases. This seamlessly integrates into broader marketing initiatives, doubling your visibility in search results through PPC or incorporating your optimized store into email campaigns for sustained sales growth.

Understanding that as an eCommerce site, aesthetics and functionality are paramount, we prioritise on-page SEO without disrupting your product showcases. The first impression is visual, after all.

Our focus is on optimising your site with on-brand content for homepage, product, and category pages where needed. Our copywriters craft transactional content, or we optimise existing material, ensuring every word adds significant value to your site.

Implementing on-page changes swiftly, we aim for quick wins in your conversion rate optimization (CRO). Our numbers-driven approach involves optimising metadata, enhancing title tags, leveraging alt attributes, and refreshing or creating content, as well as looking into sitemaps, H structure, structured data and more. In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, our agility as your SEO agency ensures we keep pace with the industry’s rapid evolution.

Off-site SEO isn’t just about boosting your website’s authority; it’s about impacting your bottom line… literally.

Establishing high-quality connections that lead back to your site transfers authority, a really strong ranking factor for Google. This strategic move propels you up those coveted ranking positions in Google’s search results, driving organic traffic and amplifying ROI.

As a Leicester-based eCommerce SEO agency, we see off-site SEO as more than just a ranking boost. It’s an opportunity to secure high-quality placements from relevant, quality platforms, bloggers, and publications, elevating not only your online reputation but also your brand awareness.

Our in-house copywriters specialize in researching and crafting unique off-site content targeting users at the early stages of the conversion funnel. We aim to capture those who may not yet be familiar with your brand, enhancing awareness, consideration, and ultimately driving conversions.

Leveraging industry tools, our team evaluates the impact of each placement and continuously measures performance to ensure we maximize your online impact.

In the ever-evolving landscape of SEO, constant vigilance is key. We keep a watchful eye on your performance, regularly re-crawling your website for tech errors to maintain a seamless user experience, even as you add new products and lines.

Our experts monitor and analyze your search rankings, seamlessly integrating these insights into your tailored on-page or off-page SEO strategy. Nothing is left to chance.

Our analysts utilise manual research combined with industry tools to uncover new and missed content opportunities. This proactive approach allows us to address customer pain points, boost visibility, and keep your site competitive.

Why Choose Us, Leicester’s eCommerce SEO Experts

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We understand you have a plethora of eCommerce SEO agencies to choose from, so here’s why our clients in Leicester honour working with us:

Proactive Partnership
From initial analysis to comprehensive reporting, we take the lead and maintain regular contact throughout the entire process.

Swift Response Time
Nobody likes to be kept waiting. That’s why we aim to responding any queries as soon as we can, ensuring your concerns are addressed promptly.

Transparent Collaboration
Gone are the days of being left in the dark. We keep you updated on everything, from your latest successes to areas for improvement, fostering a transparent and collaborative approach.

Your Triumph Is Our Triumph
We operate as an extension of your team, prioritising your needs and consistently scouting new eCommerce SEO opportunities to benefit your ecommerce business.

Why Opt for Our Leicester-Based eCommerce SEO Agency?

As a team of SEOs, we recognize that bolstering sales hinges on your online presence. With data-driven eCommerce SEO strategy seamlessly integrates with your other marketing channels, brand ethos, and specific requirements to amplify visibility and drive growth to your bottom line.

Our approach is straightforward. Through a thorough analysis, we identify areas for improvement in your eCommerce site concerning CRO, UX, and overall functionality. Our Leicester-based eCommerce SEO agency team delves deep into your core KPIs and competitors, pinpointing the most profitable and niche aspects of your brand to fill gaps in your online visibility.

Yet, it’s more than just boosting traffic or securing additional sales for you. While we thrive on tangible metrics to guide our strategy, at our core, we take your success to heart. We build brands – ones that endure, leave a lasting impression, and beckon customers to return, all because their experience was just that exceptional.

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