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Organic SEO

Improve the performance of your business online for search terms that will deliver traffic and sales. Employ our Organic SEO service to stay ahead of your competitors.

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  1. Initial SEO analysis of the website condition by several criteria, including indexing, current ranking, state of the design and textual content.
  2. After getting a basic idea of the situation, the SEO expert should give an opinion and continue working with a more thorough SEO audit, looking at the site`s code, internal structure, customer experience and potential competitiveness strategies in the niche.
  3. Next is the use of specialized software in order to make an in-depth analysis of keywords that would bring meaningful results for you according to your goals and priorities. This analysis and the elaboration of the so-called “semantic core” of the site should serve as a basis for the formulation of any further strategies.
  4. On-page or technical optimization. This is a variable duration process that involves one, several or all of the following tasks:
  5. Off-page optimization. This refers to creating conditions for as many authoritative, relevant and diverse sources as possible to give reference to your site in the form of a link – linkbuilding.
  6. Content optimization. Semantic SEO, built on in-depth work with text, gives extremely promising results.
  7. Ongoing analysis, monitoring, improvements and tests.

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Local SEO

A strategy helping your local business be more visible for local searches on Google. Any business that has a physical location or serves a geographic area can benefit from local optimization.

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Let your visitors find you on the map before they even open your website!

If you expect your customers to visit a real office (for example, if you are a doctor, notary, locksmith, if you have a restaurant, pharmacy, dental or an MOT centre), your Google My Business maps listing can significantly increase the number of your clients you get.

Local SEO has a number of advantages over traditional SEO:

  • This leads to more visits to your office;
  • You receive more phone calls;
  • It faces much less competition;
  • It usually requires less money;
  • Leads to faster results.

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Content and Copy Creation

Planning, creation, delivery, and governance of content. Ensuring you have useful & well structured user-friendly content that aims to increase conversions and/or brand awareness. Ideally, persuade a group of people (targeted audience) to take a particular action.

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One of the most important criteria in optimizing a website for search engines is content (in addition, it should be SEO friendly and well researched). Writing content for the web is very different from writing an article for magazines or brochures. Detailed research should be made in order to pick the right keywords and phrases.

Preparing and writing web content includes various criteria for good site optimization. A well-written content for your website may push it to the top positions of search engines. It should be well structured and with descriptive and SEO friendly H and meta elements.

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Digital Consulting

Digital marketing report that will help you see exactly how well your digital marketing strategy plan is performing, as well as finding fields for improvement.

eCommerce SEO

eCom optimization includes the majority of SEO concepts with an extension of some guidelines that are specific to online stores.

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Want to sell more? No offline shop costs? No staff costs and salaries? No rent costs?

Minimize your costs while soaring your sales. It’s no secret to anyone that a well-designed, built and SEO friendly shop is a great way to increase your sales times over.

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Website Design & Build

Pin the attention of your audience to your business with a beautifully designed website. Optimised both for desktop and mobile devices.

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You are a successful business owner, but you’d like to sell more because you already know that time is money! One of the best ways to achieve that in the information age we live in is by having an SEO friendly website.

Why would you need a website?

Having a website is not a luxury that you need to have, just because others already have. Today, owning a business website means looking ahead to the future, pursuing long-term goals for your business and looking for ways to reach more potential customers.

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Brand Strategy

A long term plan designed for your needs in order to achieve specific, pre-defined goals (sales, traffic, calls, enquiries, etc).

Online Reputation Management

Influencing & governing or covering up your online reputation. Gives life to positive customer experiences that paint your company in the best possible light.

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