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If you are looking for a professional local SEO company in Leicester and the area, you can count on Llamarketing.

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  • 20+ years combined experience in Local SEO
Chris Goodman
Chris Goodman
Llamarketing have been really helpful in improving my local SEO through my Google profile. They have set everything up and generated enquiries, enhancing my ranking to generate more traffic. Throughout the process they have explained what is required and helped develop the content to deliver results. They have extensive knowledge of what is required to bring results. I would highly recommend them for any business looking to improve their local SEO.
J Nandha
J Nandha
I've been working with LLAmarketing for the past two months on my SEO, and I'm extremely pleased with the results so far. Their dedication and expertise have made a noticeable impact on my online presence. I'm looking forward to continuing our collaboration and anticipating even greater SEO improvements in the future. Highly recommended for anyone seeking top-notch SEO services!
rahul patel
rahul patel
Amazing company to work with! They are quick to respond and direct to the point. Really helpful and happy with the results so far and what they have achieved for us. Thanks
Akshay Padhiar
Akshay Padhiar
Great SEO, compared to a lot of other companies out there and very reliable and trustworthy

Why Local SEO?

20+ years of combined experience in Local SEO have helped us learn that local businesses do not want to rank high, do not want to be on page one, do not want to be on online directories … What the business wants is MORE BUSINESS – they need more leads, more calls, more enquiries, more people visiting their locations, they want more money!

And this is what we do at LLamarketing, this is what we do for the business – we attract more leads, calls, enquiries and more money, all that through Local SEO! Local SEO is one of the greatest vehicles that will get you there!

Below, you will find how we can achieve that for you with Local SEO.

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Elevate Your Business on the Leicester map. Local SEO Services

  • Local SEO is all about showcasing the local relevance of your web pages and GBP (Google Business Profile) to search engines. As a dedicated local SEO company, we harness a range of tools, methodologies, and tactics to elevate your local online presence.
  • Our services encompass a wide array of offerings, including link building, enhancing citations, optimizing your website, content creation, and most importantly – managing your GBP profile.
  • At LLamarketing, a distinguished local SEO agency in Leicester, our team of seasoned local geeks crafts a tailor-made, results-oriented strategy to enhance your SEO and supercharge your conversion rates. Ultimately, our agency’s mission is to steer qualified traffic and leads to your business.

Unlocking Local Success: Your Trusted Local SEO Partner in Leicester


Of customers turn to search engines when seeking local businesses.


Of local searches culminate in a direct call.

Local searches pave the way for local sales.

Entrust your business visibility to our local SEO experts, dedicated to expanding your reach within the local target audience through our specialized local SEO services.

Still not sure What Local SEO Is?

  • Local SEO stands out as a powerful online marketing strategy, enabling businesses to showcase their products and services to local customers precisely when they’re actively seeking them. You most likely found this page by searching for ‘Local SEO Leicester,’ ‘Local SEO services Leicester,’ or ‘Local SEO services UK,’ on Google.
  • Its significance cannot be overstated, as millions of customers engage in local searches daily to discover the finest businesses providing the products and services they seek.
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Fueling Business Growth Through Local SEO

  • Experience targeted marketing at its best – Local SEO strategically places your Google Business Profile (GBP) and website in the spotlight for your local audience, people looking for services your industry delivers.
  • Interestingly enough, many businesses have yet to claim their GBP Listing. Seize the opportunity now to elevate your ranking with Local SEO and distinguish yourself from the competition!
  • Enlist the expertise of a local SEO consultant to not just grow your brand but also draw in a stream of precisely targeted customers.
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Amplify Your Presence on Search Engines Locally

  • Are you on the hunt for a Local SEO Agency to AMPLIFY your local business visibility and connect with a broader audience?
  • Secure a complimentary Local SEO inital audit led by one of our seasoned SEO experts today!

Unpacking the Essence of Local SEO Service

A Local SEO service is a bespoke solution crafted for your business and location, geared towards enhancing your local SEO standing. These services target boosting your rankings for searches like “near me” that potential customers frequently conduct. LLamarketing extends Local SEO services to businesses in the UK and globally, fostering the success they need.

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Elevating Your Local SEO Ranking

Elevating your local SEO ranking involves enlisting the expertise of local SEO professionals. With such guidance, you can refine your keywords to align with voice and localized searches. Additionally, optimizing your Google Business Profile and making strategic edits to your site will enhance your visibility on a local level.

The Difference Between SEO and Local SEO

  • The primary distinction between general organic SEO and local SEO lies in the geographical aspect. SEO directs its efforts towards elevating your site’s rankings on a global or national scale, aiming for visibility across diverse regions, countries or continents. In contrast, Local SEO zooms in on specific smaller areas, such as cities and subregions (like Leicester is), to attract more localized traffic and achieve targeted rankings.
  • When a user conducts a search combining an industry, service, or product with a specific location, search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, or even Facebook recognize the local intent. The goal for search engines is simple—deliver precisely what the user is seeking. A local business that strategically employs local SEO is typically prioritized in search results over one that neglects this essential component.
  • Local search example – ‘estate agents Leicester’
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Why Would a Business Need Local SEO

A local SEO strategy is indispensable for small, local businesses. As an acronym for search engine optimization, SEO plays a pivotal role in boosting website and GBP traffic, attracting customers, and establishing your business’s online presence. And what that translates to, and what we discussed in the very beginning, is more leads, calls, enquiries – more money!

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Next On The List Are Local Citations

  • Remember the days of the Yellow Pages, that hefty book delivered to homes and businesses worldwide? While they still exist, their presence has dwindled, often ending up as makeshift doorstops.
  • Why the shift? Because nowadays, people go online to find what they need. In its essence, a local SEO citation or local business citation (basically the same thing) is any listing that includes, at the least, a business name, address, and phone number (also referred as NAP). Search engines, mostly Google, use citation sites to curate local businesses for search results.
  • Directories and citation sites systematically gather business information from the web in vast quantities. They aggregate this data into their databases and share it with the online world. Google Business Profile, Yelp, Yell, Bing, Three Best Rated, Foursquare, Trustpilot, Merchant Circle, CitySearch – these are just a glimpse into the landscape of citation sites. And these examples merely scratch the surface; numerous others play a role in this interconnected web.

How Long Would A Business Need Local SEO Services?

  • The duration a business needs local SEO services can vary based on several factors, including the competitiveness of the industry, the specific goals of the business, and the ongoing changes in search engine algorithms.
  • In general, local SEO is an ongoing process. Search engines, particularly Google, frequently update their algorithms, and staying ahead of these changes is important for maintaining and improving search rankings. Additionally, the competitive landscape may evolve, requiring adjustments to your local SEO strategy.
  • Initially, businesses might invest more time and effort to establish a strong local online presence. As your business gains visibility and achieves desired rankings, the intensity of the efforts may decrease, but ongoing maintenance and periodic adjustments are typically necessary to stay effective.
    To summarise this, while there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer, businesses can benefit from consistent local SEO efforts over the long term to ensure sustained visibility and competitiveness in local search results.

Do I Need To Hire Experts To Do My Local SEO?

If the world of SEO and local SEO seems like a dizzying maze, think about outsourcing it. Just as you go to a car service centre for an oil change, or as you work with an accountant to manage your books, a well-researched and local to you SEO agency can handle the intricacies of optimizing your Google Business Profile online.

What Do Trustworthy Local SEO Companies Do Differently?

We follow “white hat” strategies recommended by search engine webmaster guidelines, so your GBP isn’t in danger of being suspended from the SERP results.

Some of the Companies we work with

How Can You Make My GBP More Visible On Google?

  • As an SEO agency based in Leicester focusing on Local SEO (with over 20 years of combined experience, and over 470 GBPs optimised with time), we have (and still do) managed to test, validate and incorporate different techniques and strategies, allowing us to suit the needs of local businesses. There is no one ranking signal, or one strategy with SEO that will rank you ahead of competition. It is an ongoing process that needs to be crafted carefully and monitored constantly.
  • What we do is that we examine the needs of each client we work with and create a tailored local SEO strategy that will put focus on the Google Business Profile and the company website, incorporating locally-focused content marketing, local business citations and more, based on the individual business’ needs.

Our SEO Service Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Searches On Google Are Local?

Like John Mueller likes to say – that depends, depends on what country, what region are you in. However, speaking generally, as of July 2018, 46% of all searches on Google were seeking local information (this came from the one and only – Google). And if that’s not enough, here’s one more statistic – a study by Backlinko found that 42% of local searches involve clicks on the Google Map Pack. That’s just another indication of how important local SEO is for local businesses.

Local SEO without a website – is this possible?

Yes, but not advisable! Having a website is crucial for effective local SEO. It serves as a powerful ranking signal and provides a central online hub for potential customers to learn about your business, services, and offerings. Without a website, you miss out on a significant “tool” to showcase your business and enhance your local online presence.

What is NAP?

Name, Address and Phone – The company details of highest importance in terms of local citations.

Local map book and cup of coffee

What Industries Can Benefit Most From Local SEO?

Digital image of a city and different industry workers
  • General and Local Service industries
  • Professional Services
  • Home repairs and services
  • Medical Care
  • Hospitality
  • Multi-location business
  • Pet services
  • Green stores
  • Homemade
  • Auto repair
  • Real Estate
  • Indoor activities centres
  • Legal services

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