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Let your visitors find you on the map before they even open your website!

If you expect your customers to visit a real office (for example, if you are a doctor, notary, locksmith, if you have a restaurant, pharmacy, dental or an MOT centre), your Google My Business maps listing can significantly increase the number of your clients you get.

How does it work?

Usually, when a searcher is looking for a local service (like the above mentioned), they end up looking at the top 3 google maps results, which is why it is strongly recommended for you to have one, and that yours is optimized enough to get in the top 3.

 As a result of the query, Google displays a few GMBs with sites along with phone numbers, addresses and locations on the map. Customers with a smartphone can call any of these directly just by clicking on a link in the search result.

Eager to get on MAPs?

Visitors who reach your website through local results connect with you, buy or visit your office way more often than those who find you in the traditional way. Therefore, local SEO has a number of advantages over traditional SEO:

  • This leads to more visits to your office;
  • You receive more phone calls;
  • It faces much less competition;
  • It usually requires less money;
  • Leads to faster results.

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