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You are a successful business owner, but you’d like to sell more because you already know that time is money! One of the best ways to achieve that in the information age we live in is by having an SEO friendly website.


Why would you need a website?

Having a website is not a luxury that you need to have, just because others already have. Today, owning a business website means looking ahead to the future, pursuing long-term goals for your business and looking for ways to reach more potential customers.

Why Llamarketing?

Because we don’t just build websites – we create identity, vision, history and philosophy for tomorrow, for a year ahead. Every project gets special attention to even the smallest and finest details because we know that this is your business, your life, your dreams and your future.

The Process

The process of building a website is a skilful combination of integrated information architecture, beautiful and functional design, elegant code, a pinch of breathtaking inspiration and a special, secret ingredient with the brand Llamarketing.

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How We Actually Do It?

  • We schedule a meeting with the clients, where we discuss what kind of website they want, functionalities, language/s, etc. We then offer various modules, gadgets, options and more.
  • After defining the parameters needed for making the website with you, an offer will be sent over email in a few days after the meeting.
  • If you accept the offer, we sign a contract, where you pay half of the agreed price, and we take care of the development of the site.
  • During the creation of the website, we maintain constant communication with you to make sure that everything is as you want it. If not, then we can correct it in a timely manner. 
  • After completing the project, it is your turn – to make a payment for the rest of the agreed amount, once settled, you receive full access to the website.

What is important when building a website?

Besides being visually attractive for the end user, your website should be well-structured and attractive for search engines too. Each website should consists of the basic code requirements that Google and other search engines favour – H structure, descriptive META, user-friendly URLs, robots.txt, sitemap, responsive design, etc.

Redesign of an Existing Website

Our practice is the same as when creating a website. After a joint consultation, we will direct you to the best option for your site.

The Business

Business is where the customers are, and today they are online and we can see that anywhere and anytime in our daily lives. Maybe it is time to follow them? Maybe it is time to grow up and succeed?

The Service

Every company has its own specific needs and requirements in terms of its business, whether we are talking about an online shop or portal, company or presentation site, blogs or news sites. We at Llamarketing will give you the best to our knowledge answer to any question of yours. We know that a happy customer is the best advertisement out there.

We also know that behind every successful IT project, there is a cohesive team, a clear goal, a balanced process and of course a million people to appreciate it. A good website is the one that works, namely the one that helps your business reach beyond its capabilities.

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Today you have the incredible opportunity to write a story, not just any story – your story, your present and future. Let’s do it together!

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