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27.4% increase in calls AND 29.8% increase in directions requests -year over year (August 2023 compared to August 2022)

GBP & Website Results and Impact

Results are comparison of August 2023 with August 2022

The numbers speak volumes. What started as under 100 monthly calls from GBP (Google Business Profile) has evolved into an impressive average of 250 monthly calls, while the website contributes another 70-100 calls every month. It’s not just about the present; it’s about the year-over-year improvement, a steady 10-15% increase that serves as a testament to sustained growth. Scroll down to see how our local SEO agency achieved this!

Number of GBP Calls - August 2023 - 27.45% increase compared to 2022

Results from a Local SEO campaign in Leicester - 3

Directions Requests - August 2023 - 29.8% increase compared to 2022

Results from a Local SEO campaign in Leicester - 1

Number of website Calls - August 2023 - 20.78% increase compared to 2022

Results from a Local SEO campaign in Leicester - 2

How We Achieved These Results

The Motor Company - Leicester

Client Background

Established in the city of Leicester, The Motor Company has been a reputable player in the automotive industry for over a decade. Offering a wide spectrum of services including MOTs, car servicing, repairs, welding, bodywork, and even gearbox replacements, they’ve built a name synonymous with reliability and quality workmanship.

Initial Challenges

Despite their established reputation, The Motor Company faced a common dilemma in today’s digital landscape – expanding their customer base beyond word-of-mouth referrals. The absence of an online presence, especially a website, posed a significant barrier to reaching potential customers actively searching for their services online.

Solution & Strategy

The industry is competitive and harsh, with more than 100 local players!

The transformation began by our team at LLamarketing optimizing their existing Google Business Profile (GBP), an essential step to enhance local visibility. Simultaneously, a meticulously crafted website emerged, reflecting their expertise and professionalism in every aspect.

The website wasn’t merely a digital business card—it was a window into their world of automotive excellence. To resonate with both potential clients and search engines, the content was aligned with the nuances of the auto industry, highlighting the services offered and the team’s expertise.

The SEO agency’s approach extended beyond aesthetics and semantics. In-depth competitor analysis informed every strategic move, such as collaborating with local directories to expand the digital footprint.

The icing on the cake? The GBP was fine-tuned to ensure it stood out amidst the local automotive crowd. Industry-focused content plans were developed, driving traffic through informative articles and showcasing services with authority.

Website Development

The website’s development was a carefully orchestrated symphony.

The website’s development was a carefully orchestrated symphony. By studying the competition, our digital marketing company unearthed insights that translated into a user-friendly, mobile-responsive WordPress website.

The design wasn’t just about aesthetics; it was about trust. Real photographs of the garage, the devoted team, and the widget spotlighting GBP reviews blended seamlessly into a trustworthy digital storefront.

The content wasn’t mere words; it was a bridge connecting The Motor Company’s expertise with the needs of their potential clients. Detailed service pages and insightful articles didn’t just inform; they engaged and converted.

Long-Term Partnership

The journey with The Motor Company isn’t a short sprint; it is a marathon of continuous growth. Over five years, the relationship evolved as a partnership (the very beginning was back in 2018).

This journey wasn’t just about launching a website or optimizing a GBP—it is about navigating ever-changing algorithms and harnessing new strategies.

Ongoing optimisations were implemented, ensuring their resilience despite algorithm updates and maintaining an upward trajectory – why did it work, because we built it for their ideal client with search engines in mind!

Google Business Profile (GBP) Impact

Before an algorithmic update, The Motor Company asserted its dominance across Leicester for key services. The optimised GBP didn’t just gather reviews; it garnered trust and credibility, with over 200 reviews attesting to their excellence. It became the pivotal channel for generating leads.

Competitive Edge

What sets our SEO company apart? The answer is specialisation. With a dedicated focus on Local SEO honed over more than a decade, our agency possesses insights into the intricacies of industries like automotive that allow you to craft custom solutions that resonate.

Future Growth

What lies ahead is exciting, but confidential. The strategies brewing promise innovation that’s poised to further propel The Motor Company’s growth in the upcoming year. And if you want to see similar results, you might be in a need of auto repair seo for your busness, feel free to reach out to our local SEO agency in Leicester!

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