Success Story – Local SEO in Loughborough – Duke Street Motors

18.6% increase in calls made from the GBP & 46.15% increase in phone number clicks on the website -year over year (April-August 2023 compared to April-August 2022)

GBP & Website Results and Impact

Results are comparison of April-August 2023 with April-August 2022

The impact of our efforts was tangible. In terms of calls, which were crucial for Duke Street Motors, there was a remarkable improvement. Initially, they received below 60-70 monthly calls from GBP. This number soared, with an average of about 160 monthly calls originating from GBP alone, in addition to 20-30 more calls generated from the website.

These results were backed by consistent year-over-year growth, with an average improvement of 10-15% in calls, clearly demonstrating the effectiveness of our strategies.  Scroll down to see how we achieved this!

Number of GBP Calls April-August 2023 - 16.9% increase compared to 2022

Duke GBP performance calls April-August 2023 compared to 2022

Directions Requests April-August 2023 - 4.2% increase compared to 2022

Duke GBP performance directions April-August 2023 compared to 2022

Number of website Calls April-August 2023 - 26.73% increase compared to 2022

Duke website performance calls April-August 2023 compared to 2022

How We Achieved These Results

The Reception of Duke Street Motors

Client Background

Duke Street Motors, a well-established automotive business in Loughborough, had been serving the community for over a decade. Offering a range of services including MOTs, car servicing, repairs, welding, bodywork, and gearbox replacement, they had built a reputation for trustworthiness and reliability.

Initial Challenges

Despite their excellent track record, they faced a significant challenge – their online visibility and customer engagement were lacking. Most of their clients came through referrals, and their outdated website hindered its ability to attract new customers.

Solution & Strategy

While Loughborough is a small area, the industry is very competitive and harsh!

When Duke Street Motors partnered with our local SEO agency in Leicester – LLamarketng, we undertook a comprehensive strategy to address their challenges and boost their online presence in the local automotive market.

We began by analyzing competitors’ Google Business Profile (GBP) profiles to devise a winning strategy. Simultaneously, we embarked on a website redesign project. The goal was to create a modern, user-friendly website that accurately reflected the trust and quality Duke Street Motors had built over the years.

This website overhaul included real photos of the garage, a team section to build trust, and integration of a GBP reviews widget. Additionally, we featured banners from reputable automotive directories where Duke Street Motors had a presence.

LLamarketing’s optimization efforts extended to the GBP profile itself. We delved deep into the auto repair industry to create relevant content and enhanced service descriptions on their new website. We also initiated a content marketing strategy, regularly producing and submitting industry-related articles.

Long-Term Partnership

Over the course of five years (starting back in 2018), our partnership with Duke Street Motors evolved positively. They consistently experienced an increase in calls and website traffic compared to previous years.

To adapt to changes in the digital landscape, we continually refined our strategies. A recent algorithm update posed challenges, affecting their GBP rankings in a smaller area due to a proximity update. In response, we are set to implement case studies as a countermeasure and have additional strategies at our disposal should they be required.

Google Business Profile (GBP) Impact

The optimised GBP listing played a pivotal role in Duke Street Motors’ success. Prior to the proximity update, they had a dominant presence throughout Loughborough for their top services, such as MOTs and car servicing.

Accumulating more than 110 reviews on their GBP listing further solidified their reputation as a trusted local business.

The GBP became the primary channel for attracting new clients, driving inquiries, and generating calls for Duke Street Motors.

Competitive Edge

Our agency’s specialization in local SEO, with over six years of experience and a decade in the SEO field, provided a unique competitive edge. This expertise allowed us to understand the specific needs of businesses in the automotive industry and tailor custom solutions for lasting success.

Duke Street Motors GBP in Loughborough

Future Growth

As for the future, our Local SEO company in Leicester has exciting and confidential plans in store for Duke Street Motors. We’re gearing up for the next year with innovative strategies that promise to further enhance their online presence and auto repair SEO performance.

In conclusion, Duke Street Motors’ journey from limited online visibility to becoming a dominant force in the local automotive market is a testament to the power of strategic local SEO and a strong, enduring partnership. Through a combination of website redesign, GBP optimization, and ongoing adaptability, we’ve achieved significant growth for our client, and we’re excited to continue this journey into the future.

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