A Journey of Continuous Growth

Success Story – E-commerce SEO for a ducting online store in the UK

Even though we are in the 5th year of SEO for this ecommerce busness, there’s still improvement year over year (20.26% increase in organic traffic & 22.99% increase in revenue comparing April-July 2023 with April-July 2023)

Business Overview

Our SEO agency client, a prominent ducting e-commerce business in the UK, specializes in providing top-notch dust & fume extractors, LEV testing, and related products. Despite being in the fifth year of our SEO partnership, the pursuit of improvement is unyielding, reflecting a 20.26% increase in organic traffic and a 22.99% surge in revenue during April-July 2023 compared to the same period in 2022.

SEO Challenge

Despite having a solid customer base and credibility, the business struggled with online visibility. The presence of industry behemoths in the SERPs intensified the competition, necessitating a strategic approach to stand out.

Business Objective

The primary objective back in the day, was to elevate onsite traffic and revenue, aiming for a 50% boost in organic traffic. This was particularly challenging in a market saturated with both large competitors and e-commerce giants like Amazon.


It took a lot of onpage work and content for the traffic to start increasing, however, at the end of the first year of optimization, there was a large leap in traffic.

A serious problem that slowed down the ranking improvements was that for the first 7-8 months only about 15-20% of the suggestions and recommendations made by us were applied. Things have changed when that percentage went to about 75-80%

SEO Strategy:

Tailored to the business’s unique needs, our comprehensive SEO strategy included:

  1. Keyword Research: Identifying the right audience and optimizing content for the most searched terms on Google.
  2. On-site Analysis: Conducting a detailed analysis and implementing conversion rate optimization strategies.
  3. Competition Research: Gaining insights through in-depth research into competitors.
  4. Content Analysis and Copywriting: Optimising website text copy and creating new, targeted content for the onsite blog.
  5. UX Improvements: Enhancing user experience to boost engagement and improve conversion rates.
  6. Outreach: Creating and distributing offsite content relevant to the business niche, enriched with SEO elements.

    Results (Website Traffic)

    Building on past successes, our e-commerce SEO efforts have yielded impressive results:

    New Organic Users

    • New Organic Users increased by 430.17% from Jan 2018 – September 2018 compared to Jan 2023 – September 2023.

    Organic Revenue

    • Organic revenue increased by 480.91%. Transactions have increased by 330.15% (January-September 2018, compared to January-September 2023)
    • The growth trajectory continued with a notable increase in revenue for this 5th year of e-commerce SEO optimisation. In 2023, organic revenue witnessed a commendable rise of 22.9% compared to 2022.

    Search Impressions and Clicks

    • Ongoing e-commerce SEO optimisation efforts led to a substantial increase in search impressions and clicks, showcasing the effectiveness of our strategies – about a 25% increase in impressions and a 19% increase in clicks year over year

    Future Growth – Nurturing the Seeds of Progress

    As we propel our client’s ducting e-commerce business towards a future of sustained success, the horizon is ripe with possibilities. Our ongoing commitment to providing top-tier SEO services, coupled with the dynamic landscape of e-commerce SEO, lays the groundwork for continuous improvement.

    • The journey ahead involves staying at the forefront of SEO trends, ever-evolving algorithms, and emerging e-commerce strategies. Our SEO agency remains dedicated to adapting, refining, and expanding our approach to ensure our client not only maintains but accelerates their growth trajectory.
    • Anticipating the future, our focus extends beyond conventional SEO practices. We are poised to explore innovative technologies, harness the potential of data-driven insights, and leverage cutting-edge strategies to propel our client’s business to new heights. The synergy of our expertise and the client’s vision creates a formidable alliance ready to conquer the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the ever-competitive e-commerce landscape.

    As we look forward, the journey of growth continues, and our e-commerce SEO services stand as the beacon guiding our client towards a future marked by unparalleled success and prominence in the world of ducting e-commerce.

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