The Success Story of Bath Barn’s Transformation in Leicester through Local SEO

58.5% increase in calls made from the GBP, 7.7% increase in directions requests & 70.9% increase in phone number clicks on the website -year over year (April-August 2023 compared to April-August 2022)

GBP & Website Results and Impact

Results are comparison of April-August 2023 with April-August 2022

Recent data reveals a steady growth trajectory. From April to August 2023 compared to the same period in 2022, there’s been a 58.5% surge in GBP calls, a 7.7% increase in direction requests, and a substantial 70.9% uptick in clicks on the website’s phone number.

These results are backed by consistent year-over-year growth, with an average improvement of 10-15% in calls, showcasing the effectiveness of the right strategies implemented the right way.  Scroll down to see how we achieved this!

Number of GBP Calls April-August 2023 - 58.5% increase compared to 2022

Results from a Local SEO in Leicester - Bath Barn - phone calls

Directions Requests April-August 2023 - 7.7% increase compared to 2022

Results from a Local SEO in Leicester - Bath Barn - directions requests

Number of website Calls April-August 2023 - 70.9% increase compared to 2022

Results from a Local SEO in Leicester - Bath Barn - website phone clicks

How We Achieved These Results

Bath Barn google profile in Leicester

Client Background

  • Business Name: Bath Barn
  • Range of Services: A versatile bathroom showroom in Leicester offering installations, renovations, fittings, supply, and more.
  • Years in Business: Over 25 years.

Initial Challenges

Challenges: Despite over a two-decade legacy, Bath Barn faced a common predicament in the digital age – limited online visibility for vital keywords like “bathroom showroom” and “bathroom fitters.”

Impact of an Outdated Website: their previous website failed to showcase their portfolio, provide a user-friendly experience, or load swiftly, resulting in a noticeable traffic shortfall.

Solution & Strategy

The industry is very competitive, including companies with high marketing budgets and the support of a national company behind them!


Web Revamp: The team at LLamarketing embarked on a redesign journey, crafting a sleek, mobile-responsive WordPress website. It now loads swiftly, featuring clickable contact details, a showcase of completed projects, a comprehensive service section, and an invaluable Google reviews widget.

GBP Optimization: Their Google Business Profile (GBP) profile received an intensive overhaul, positioning Bath Barn as an authority for users looking for “Bathroom Fitters” in Leicester thanks to a strong emphasis on local SEO. With an impressive review portfolio, it now dominates the local search results for the area.

Content Enrichment: Content-rich blogs, informative articles, and strategic Google Ads complemented the strategy, capturing a wider audience.

Website Development

The website’s development was a carefully orchestrated symphony.

The website redesign wasn’t just about aesthetics; it was about functionality and engagement. Stunning before-and-after project showcases, reviews that build trust, and informative service sections were added. A blog became a hub for industry insights.

Long-Term Partnership

Over five years (dating back from 2018), the partnership evolved into a harmonious collaboration. Case studies, articles, and service pages perpetually strengthen Bath Barn’s online presence.

Google Business Profile (GBP) Impact

GBP has emerged as the primary channel for attracting new clients, with Bath Barn’s profile now a dominant force in local search.

Competitive Edge

LLamarketing’s decade-long expertise in SEO and six years as a marketing agency specializing in Local SEO in Leicester have furnished Bath Barn with an indispensable competitive edge.

Bath Barn's website - screenshot

Future Growth

While the future plans remain a well-guarded secret, they promise a tantalizing path forward. Bath Barn’s story is far from over, with exciting innovations on the horizon from our Local SEO agency in Leicester.

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