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How to become more visible on Google in order to attract new clients and increase revenue for your business?

A Google Business Profile training, where in a few steps we’ll show you how to outperform competitors on Google.

The team behind Llamarketing

Who’s This For:

    If you are a business:

  • serving customers in a particular area (could be a city, town or a bigger neighbourhood),
  • if you are providing services to local clients,
  • if you have a storefront or
  • if you are visiting customers at their locations
    THEN this training is for you!

This training will get you in a better shape, and expose you in front of a wider local audience, resulting in new customers finding you easier on Google.

Inside this 30-40 minute training, you will discover:

  • How to initially optimise your Google Business Profile, in order to go a step above competitors who don’t.
  • In just a couple of hours of work, you will be able to expose your business in front of a wider audience that’s searching for your services.

If you’re asking yourself “What will be the outcome for your business”:

  • More qualified leads.
  • Expect in the number of people reaching out to you via your company’s Google Business Profile, compared to previous periods.
  • Exposure in front of people looking to pay for a solution to an actual problem (OR to an “itch” they have).
  • … all of the above translates to more revenue!
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