The SEO Triumph of a Google Business Profile Rescued from Google’s Filtered Abyss.

From NOT on the map to number ONE on the map

What happens when you put every effort in your Google Business Profile (GBP) but your listing in the “map pack” gets filtered? Often, this is the result of high competition for a particular service within a small physical location. Ultimately, this means that your GBP profile may not rank at all and completely disappear from the map. This is a dire situation for most businesses, resulting in serious losses in visibility and traffic, and that’s exactly what led a Warrington-based client to approach our local SEO agency in Leicester – for SEO expertise and help.

The problem: Non-existence on Google’s map due to filtering

Being a part of a major franchise brand with over 100 locations in the UK, this particular client offers approximately three services. While they were ranking at the top of Google’s map pack for two of their secondary services, they weren’t ranking at all (they were gone) for their primary service. This meant that they didn’t exist on the map at all. The reason for a situation like this to occur is that they were filtered by Google. This process can take place automatically when there are numerous competitors in a small physical area. And this is where our local SEO company was approached to help the client with franchise local SEO marketing.

The benefits – spike in calls due to better rankings on MAPs

The result of our efforts was astounding. The filtration was lifted in just a few hours and the client started ranking at position 1 for on the map pack for their main service. Almost immediately, they started receiving about 150% more calls than they used to and they were also enjoying the traffic generated by their two other services. This clear spike in improvement wouldn’t have taken place without the specialist local SEO services that franchises take advantage of. As such, the client is reaping the rewards of higher visibility, greater traffic and more telephone calls overall.

Average Map Ranking – Before SEO

Average Map Rank with Grid Points

Average Map Ranking – After SEO

Average Map Rank with Grid Points


If you are a business that is based in the UK and your GBP has been filtered for any reason, you might be in need of superior SEO services. Whatever the case might be, we are the shoulder you can cry on, we are the local SEO agency that can help. With specialists dedicated to ensuring you make the most out of your online visibility on Google, feel free to get in touch with us for professionalism and efficiency that will drive greater results home for you and your brand.

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