Success Story – Local SEO Triumph and Safeguard for Pickman’s Moving Company

From almost hijacked GBP to a boost in calls and organic traffic

Client Background

For over a decade, Pickman (a local moving company) has been the go-to choice for seamless and reliable moving services. Steeped in a decade of experience, Pickman stands as a seasoned player in the moving industry, offering unparalleled expertise in relocations.

Initial Challenges

Entering a collaborative journey with our local SEO agency nine months ago, Pickman faced a challenge that threatened their online identity. A competitor, in an audacious move, attempted to hijack their Google Business Profile, altering contact details subtly. The owners remained unaware, highlighting the stealthy nature of the attack.

Solution and Strategy

Detecting the subtle changes made by the competitor, we swiftly identified the culprit and strategically reclaimed Pickman’s rightful online presence. Through meticulous adjustments and leveraging our local SEO expertise, we not only took down the competitor’s erroneous profile but also safeguarded Pickman’s integrity. This decisive action not only thwarted a potential crisis but also sparked a lasting boost in Pickman’s online visibility.

Pickman’s Moving Company - Logo

Website Maintenance

Working in tandem with Pickman’s web developer, our local SEO efforts seamlessly integrated with their website. This collaboration ensured that every aspect of their online presence, from the Google Business Profile to the website, harmonized for optimal performance.

Collaboratively choosing a hosting provider and functionalities, we prioritized a seamless user experience. The selection of a WordPress theme facilitated not only an appealing design but also ease of navigation. Real photos showcasing the detailing centre added authenticity, while a dedicated testimonials section sourced from social media platforms contributed to building trust.

This holistic redesign aimed not just at visual appeal but at creating an immersive online space that mirrors Auto Kotevi’s reliability and professionalism.

Website of Pickman’s Moving Company - Home Page

Long-Term Partnership

Nine months into our partnership, Pickman’s experience sustained growth in calls and online traffic. Our vigilance during the competitor’s intrusion showcased the resilience and security measures embedded in our long-term strategy.

Google Business Profile (GBP) Impact

Post-intervention, Pickman regained control of their GBP, experiencing heightened visibility and trust. The online listing, once under threat, now stands as a robust channel for client acquisition and information dissemination.

Competitive Edge

Our Leicester local SEO agency’s unique ability to identify and counter competitive threats sets us apart. The swift and strategic response to the competitor’s highjacking attempt showcased our commitment to safeguarding our clients’ online assets and ensuring they thrive in a competitive landscape.

Future Growth

While the specifics remain confidential, our forward-looking strategies for Pickman involve continuous SEO refinement, innovative tactics, and staying ahead of potential threats. The journey ahead promises not just to maintain Pickman’s success but to elevate it to new heights in the months to come.

If you’re seeking a reliable partner in local SEO in Leicester with a proven track record of protecting and enhancing your online presence, connect with our local SEO team. Let’s propel your business towards sustained success, just like we did for Pickman Moving Company!

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