Case Study: Local SEO Recovery After Business Relocation (Brighton to Hove)

This case study showcases how we helped a client in the Brighton and Hove area (name confidential due to an NDA) recover their local SEO ranking after an unexpected business relocation.


Our client, a business based in Brighton, enjoyed strong local rankings (5-9) for their main keywords, generating significant leads (150-250 calls/month) through their Google Business Profile (GBP). However, their rankings plummeted to 44+ overnight.


Investigation revealed the client had relocated within Brighton and Hove, but critically, their new address was just outside Brighton city limits, falling within Hove. While seemingly minor, this geographical shift significantly impacted Google’s local search algorithms.

Temporary Solution and Dilemma:

As a temporary fix, we adjusted the GBP map pin to the old address while keeping the new address listed. This restored rankings but created user confusion, directing customers to the wrong location.

Long-Term Strategy and Recovery:

To achieve a sustainable solution, we implemented a multi-pronged approach:

Updated GBP Profile:

We meticulously updated the GBP profile with the accurate new address.

Website Optimization:

We optimized the website content to target relevant keywords for Hove.

Citation Management:

We ensured consistency across all online directories and listings, reflecting the new location.

Local Content Creation:

We created fresh content highlighting the business’s presence and value proposition within Hove.


Within a few months, the client’s ranking in Hove soared, climbing from above 30th position to a consistent range of 4th-8th on Google Maps in the Hove’s area. This restored lead generation and customer visibility in their new location.


Keyword Rank Tracking

Key Takeaways:

Proactive Communication:

Maintaining clear communication with clients about location changes is crucial for local SEO success.

Location-Specific Optimization:

Tailoring website content and strategy to the new target location is essential for local search ranking.

NAP Consistency:

Consistency in Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) across all online platforms is vital for local SEO.

Patience and Persistence:

Recovering local SEO rankings takes time and consistent effort.

This case study highlights the critical role of proactive local SEO management, especially in scenarios involving location changes. By swiftly adapting to the client’s circumstances and implementing tailored strategies, we were able to restore their online visibility and ensure their continued success in the competitive Brighton and Hove market.

If your business is considering a relocation, don’t let your local SEO ranking suffer! Even though our Local SEO agency is based in Leicester, we can help clients across the UK. Contact us today to discuss a proactive strategy to maintain your online visibility and customer base.

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