Success Story – Digital marketing growth for Auto Kotevi through Local SEO and Google Ads

From 0 to over 300 calls a month in just a little over 2 years

GBP & Website Results and Impact

Emphasizing the importance of calls, Auto Kotevi now receives over 350 calls monthly from GBP and the website. All these calls come from organic, direct and paid Google ads traffic.

Number of GBP Calls - Jul-Nov 2023 - 114% increase compared to Jul-Nov 2022

Local SEO - Calls Graph

Driving directions - Jul-Nov 2023 - 150% increase compared with Jul-Nov 2022

Local SEO - Results Graph


Auto Kotevi - search console - impressions and clicks year over year

Impressions and clicks graph

Client Background

Auto Kotevi, a thriving auto detailing business, has been perfecting their craft for over three years. Specialising in services like detailing, windshield polishing, crack repair, interior and exterior detailing, and car seat cleaning, they were known for their reliability but lacked an online presence.

Initial Challenges

Before partnering with our local SEO agency in Leicester, Auto Kotevi faced challenges in online visibility. Without a website and Google Business Profile (GBP), they missed out on potential clients searching for their services, and the absence of an online platform hindered their ability to showcase offerings and testimonials.

Solution and Strategy

To address these challenges, we swiftly created a GBP profile, exploring competitors’ strategies for insights. Simultaneously, we built a user-friendly website that mirrored their trustworthiness. Deep-diving into the auto detailing niche, we optimised both the GBP and the website, incorporating rich content, service descriptions, and articles submitted to local directories.

Auto detailing business - logo

Website Design

Our meticulous approach to Auto Kotevi’s website design involved a comprehensive analysis of industry competitors and the desired website aesthetics. Opting for a WordPress platform ensured flexibility for future updates by the client.

Collaboratively choosing a hosting provider and functionalities, we prioritized a seamless user experience. The selection of a WordPress theme facilitated not only an appealing design but also ease of navigation. Real photos showcasing the detailing centre added authenticity, while a dedicated testimonials section sourced from social media platforms contributed to building trust.
This holistic redesign aimed not just at visual appeal but at creating an immersive online space that mirrors Auto Kotevi’s reliability and professionalism.

Home page design

Long-Term Partnership

Over two and a half years, our collaboration has resulted in sustained growth, with increased calls and traffic. Facing challenges during a location change, where the business experienced a significant drop in rankings, we quickly revised our strategy to give priority to restoring the previous rankings.

Google Business Profile (GBP) Impact

Before a proximity update, Auto Kotevi dominated their service area with GBP, which is now happening again. For the time being, we helped them receive 215+ genuine reviews on the GBP. The Google Business Profile remains a major channel for client acquisition.

Competitive Edge

With over six years dedicated to mastering the intricacies of local SEO, our agency brings a unique competitive edge to businesses like Auto Kotevi. Our extensive experience, coupled with a decade in the SEO field, allows us to navigate the nuances of the automotive industry effortlessly.

We understand that each business is unique, and our specialization enables us to tailor bespoke solutions that go beyond generic strategies.

By delving into the specifics of the auto detailing niche, we identify opportunities that others might overlook, ensuring Auto Kotevi stays ahead of the curve. Our in-depth knowledge not only optimizes online visibility but also enhances brand credibility, translating into sustained growth and an undeniable edge in a competitive digital landscape.

As your dedicated local SEO agency, we leverage this expertise to craft strategies that resonate with the distinct needs of businesses in the automotive sector.

Google Business Profile (GBP) Overview

Future Growth

While the details of our upcoming strategies for Auto Kotevi remain confidential, we are poised to unveil dynamic initiatives that promise to propel their online presence even further. Anticipate a fusion of fine-tuned SEO tactics, innovative digital marketing campaigns, and strategic collaborations designed to elevate Auto Kotevi’s visibility and impact. Our forward-looking approach aims not only to sustain their current success but to surpass expectations in the coming year.

Stay tuned for a showcase of growth that not only meets industry standards but sets new benchmarks for excellence. The excitement is palpable, and we’re eager to unfold this chapter of success together.

And if you want to see similar results, and you are looking for experts in SEO for the automotive industry, feel free to reach out to our local SEO team in Leicester!

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